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To Start

Browsers that work best with eStudent are:

- Internet Explorer 7.0 and up
- Firefox 2.0 and up
- Safari 4.0 and up
- Opera 10.5 and up

Login - instructions for FIRST time login

At the eStudent login page:

- type your 8 digit Macquarie Student ID. If you are a brand new student with a place offered through UAC then use the Macquarie student ID you have retrieved.
  Otherwise, if you are a direct applicant, please find your Macquarie Student ID at the top of your Offer letter.

Password tip: Your INITIAL password is your date of birth. Type your date of birth (ddmmyyyy). You will need to change this the FIRST time you log in.


If you experience difficulty, please contact our IT Service Desk.

Change Password


- choose a new password between 7 and 10 characters and type it into the New Password field
- type your New Password AGAIN into the Confirm New Password field
- click Save my new password

To End: Log Out

Click on the Logout button to safeguard your private information.